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Meet the HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution
Reinvent how you prototype and produce functional parts, delivering quality output, up to 10 times faster3 at half the cost4.

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HP 3D Materials and Applications
HP’s unique Open Platform approach is fostering widespread adoption of 3D printing by expanding the availability of new materials to address a broader set of applications, lowering materials costs, driving performance improvements, and creating new possibilities for part properties that address specific industry needs.

HP 3D Software—Maximum 3D printing efficiency
Complete, easy to use solutions that deliver quality parts and breakthrough productivity.

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HP Multi Jet Fusion technology
Unlocking the full potential of 3D printing.
HP Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform
HP is bringing down the barriers of 3D printing adoption across industries through partner collaboration with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform.
Accelerating materials innovation
HP is bringing down the barriers of 3D printing adoption across industries through materials innovation.

شرکت اچ پی آبا با وجود فعالیت های گسترده در زمینه ارائه کالاها و خدمات برند HP این بار تصمیم به راه اندازی بخش مقاله های اچ پی کرده است تا بتواند مقاله هایی با کیفیت تصویری و محتوایی بالا به شما هموطنان عزیز ارائه دهد. مقاله های منتشر شده مطابق با نیازهای کنونی شما خریداران و مصرف کنندگان گرامی می باشد تا علاوه بر رفع مشکل های احتمالی حتی هرگونه پرسش و سوالی برایتان ایجاد گردید بلافاصله با ما به عنوان نمایندگی رسمی اچ پی در میان بگذارید.

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تضمین اصالت قطعات تضمین قیمت واقعی تضمین تسریع خدمات
پشتیبانی کالاهای اچ پی
چنانچه سوالی درباره تعمیر یا خرید کالاهایی با برند اچ پی داشتید حتما با شماره 02189392 تماس حاصل نمائید.
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1. Based on dimensional accuracy of ±0.2 mm/0.008 inches, measured after sand blasting. See hp.com/go/3Dmaterials for more info on materials specifications.

2. Based on the following mechanical properties: Tensile strength at 50 Mpa (XYZ), Modulus 1900 Mpa (XYZ). ASTM standard tests with PA-12 material. See hp.com/go/3Dmaterials for more information on materials.

3. Fast Cooling is enabled by HP Jet Fusion 3D Processing Station with Fast Cooling, available in 2017. HP Jet Fusion 3D Processing Station with Fast Cooling accelerates parts cooling time vs recommended manufacturer time of SLS printer solutions from $100,000 USD to $300,000 USD, as tested in April 2016. FDM not applicable. Continuous printing requires an additional HP Jet Fusion 3D Build Unit (standard printer configuration includes one HP Jet Fusion 3D Build Unit). Based on internal testing and simulation, HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution average printing time is up to 10x faster than FDM & SLS printer solutions from $100,000 USD to $300,000 USD on market as of April 2016. Testing variables: Part Quantity -1 full bucket of parts from HP Jet Fusion 3D at 20% of packing density vs same number of parts on above-mentioned competitive devices; Part size: 30g; Layer thickness: 0.1mm/0.004 inches.